6202 Charles Street
Rockford, Illinois 61108


A Place of Beauty and Lasting Tribute

Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery is located on the southeast side of Rockford, Illinois. It is a peaceful 70-acre Cemetery, which presents an opportunity to visit a loved one’s final resting place in park-like surroundings. Arlington’s beautiful, well kept gardens and extensive lawns create an ambience of peace and tranquillity. To see the gracious and peaceful beauty of this cemetery is to feel, that here is the place of all places for your loved ones to be laid in their eternal resting place.



We encourage families to discover all the advantages you gain by making an early selection of your family memorial lot. Traditional interment is the most common burial, however, Cremation burials are increasing in popularity because of the cost, and personnel preference. Families may choose a Single, Companion, Family, or Estate lots. It is easier and more pleasant for you to purchase a lot now, as compared with the stress for you and your family during the heartache and confusion accompanying bereavement.



The purchase of such a lot in a beautiful well managed and maintained cemetery brings peace of mind to the family during the difficult times of stress and concern. Arlington Memorial Park is continuously making every effort to further beautify and improve its grounds, and render more thoughtful services.


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Several things make Arlington a unique cemetery. Very few cemeteries can claim ten acres of forested land. Arlington has an infant burial ground, a Muslim burial section, a cremation area, and a pet burial site.

Although every lot owner has a say in the operation of Arlington’s affairs, Arlington is governed by a voluntary, non-paid, Board of Directors consisting of seven members. This groups of advisors makes all decisions regarding financing and operations. Their greatest priority is that of serving as trustees for expenditures and investments of all cemetery funds and the absolute assurance of what is commonly called, perpetual care.

As previously stated, Arlington is strictly a non-profit organization. That means all monies must continuously be placed into the cemetery’s general fund and directed thereafter to long term care investments, beautification, expansion, maintenance, operating salary expenses and general upkeep however defined of the Memorial Park. A cemetery is a very large and expensive enterprise, and therefore any heartfelt donations are appreciated either in the form of a direct gift from the living or remembrance in the will of the deceased. Although Arlington has no foreseeable crisis, cemeteries across the country regularly fall into disrepair and finally abandonment due to a lack of sustenance.

Therefore, your input whether financial or that of mere suggestions is always valued.


Pet Cemetery

Arlington also has a Pet Cemetery with an animal burial ground and a customized animal cremation facility. If you are interested in this service, please click on the following link: